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Blue WhatsApp APK 2023 - The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular WhatsApp Alternative

You will love to see everything blue in this modded version of WhatsApp. This app has changed the opacity of the color so that it will not be in contrast form. If you love the blue color, then you must need to take this chance and download Blue WhatsApp.

Customize Accordingly: As you know this WhatsApp-modded version comes in the blue color for those people who love blue. But still, if you have downloaded the APK file of this app and installed it on your phone then there is absolutely no need to get worried if your mind is changed.

blue whatsapp apk download 2023

If you feel bored by seeing the one green WhatsApp then Download the latest version of WhatsApp and change your green color to blue color WhatsApp. It is free of cost to download and install from this site. Furthermore, you can optimize your all-other settings in just a few clicks. Make your ordinary communication app into a pro-level application. You can hide your active status and last seen status by going to settings and turn off them. So, no more worries about your activation. Users can use it anytime and anywhere without any hesitation. Furthermore, restore and back up your all messages and other images and videos which are in your chat box easily by using this new latest WhatsApp plus blue download for android.

Blue WhatsApp APK is allowing you that you can send messages in offline mode. Yes! If you do have not an internet connection then write your message in the chat box and click on the send button then your typed message will be saved in the app server. And then your app will connect with an internet connection your message will automatically send to that person. It is free of cost you will not need to purchase any feature. Just click the download button from here and enjoy the new blue-colored app on your devices.

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The answer is yes. Like Omar WhatsApp, many other extensions are modified codes of their official apps. Most iPhone applications are paid, so people help google download these third-party apps such as JTWhatsapp.

The main difference between the app is the color theme of your chat screen. The official app has a green theme whereas Blue Whatsapp offers blue color for the interface and the app. we know, Whatsapp is officially developed and used by billions of people around the world. It may be one of the earlier instant messaging apps. Gradually, users started to demand some extra from Whatsapp specially customizing as well as privacy features, but there is not any progress by the developers because of international terms. The result is the development of different mods of Whatsapp such as Blue Whatsapp gives satisfaction to the users. Both are instant messaging apps and deliver the same services. Whatsapp is an official app and verified, but mod may be banned or has the threat of multiple privacy issues.

Blue Whatsapp is one of the most favorite modded versions of Whatsapp. It offers the interface in cool elegant blue color that inspires the users a lot. If you are a lover of the blue color and irritate with the typical boring green interface of the official app. move to the amazing mod with multiple unique and fantastic features such as creating groups of up to 256 people, unlimited sharing of media, several customization features, and so on. In the end, we advise you to use the modded version as a secondary account and not the primary one.

  • WhatsApp blue plus is an application that offers free video calls and free voice callsand chats for free, you can use it every day to chat with family and friends. It's one of the most famous mods forthe original WhatsApp that make the app looks good and di its functionality in an easy way. The benefits fromWhatsApp blue plus are to use your account with some specifications for you more than the original version so it canprovide you with the ability to retrieve messages that have been removed by others. It's also a chatting app thatwill give you extra additions for you to use for free, like hiding your identity from the public and also you canwrite statues with 300 words and that's not allowed in the original WhatsApp. Also, provides you with turning videosinto Gifs and control your privacy settings like changing your name or bio, and in this article, I will show you howto deal with it and get the best experience. We will explain some of the different techniques about the blue versionthat has features that aren't included in the original one and I will provide the direct link to download at the endof this....Features of WhatsApp blue plusIt's a different application you'll discover it once you download and install it.

  • Gives you better control so you can hide your online statuses the thing that was like a problem to 90% ofusers but it's available now for free.

  • You can edit app colors to choose between more than 100 colors and you can also change the font color,backgrounds, and buttons.

  • Control your privacy at a high level, so you can watch other stories without them know about it in additionto changing the app icon.

  • You can also hide (typing .. ) statues so that nobody knows that you were going to say something.

  • Also, make shortcuts of conversations and chats to your phone home screen so you can reach than faster.

  • Write a Bio consists of 225 letters instead of 130 letters and that is some oxygen to breathe.

  • Save chats in a zip file and you have the ability to share it with anyone.

  • Hide photos and videos from the app to control the privacy and you can reach it later once you open the chatthat has those media.

  • Sort Messages by date, name, recently, and choose more than one section.

Properties of blue WhatsAppWhatsApp blue plus has special properties that differentiate it from the others like you wanna have it on yourphone so here it is but with more features to use and try. You can Also Download WhatsApp blue plus Apk for freeand it's available on android with 45Mb and a direct link, the only negative thing that you'll face is that theapp is now on Google play store so you won't be able to get updates continuously and to update it you have tohead over to our website.

It would be wise to define the Blue WhatsApp Plus, about which we are currently speaking. While blue is undoubtedly a color, the developer overused the name due to the vast number of features that come with this particular version of WhatsApp. We added this app to our library so that it would be more logical and aggregable to think about, and you can now download it at any time.

There are many more features available in this Whatsapp Plus APK, which you cannot find in the official Whatsapp app. So, download the great mod from the direct link above. I provide direct download links with no shortened links, no verification, no surveys.

You can easily download it without having any problems. So, enjoy the great Whatsapp Plus. This is the most beautiful app that you can easily use and chat with your friends. If you want to use dual WhatsApp on your single Android device.

In this whatsapp plus blue version you will see many features that can protect your privacy better than the official WA just like GBwhatsapp apk. Like you can hide your blue tick, last seen, online status, and even your statuses. You can lock your conversation after that without your password no one reads your conversations. You can also read deleted messages in this modded version.

The common feature of the whatsapp blue plus version and the official version of WhatsApp is auto-reply. You can set an auto-reply message in your settings. And whenever someone texts you your message will automatically be sent to that person. Even if you are offline and not using WA for a month this feature still works and sends your autoreply to anyone who texts you.

There is also one more interesting feature in this blue WhatsApp download 2022 is Always Online mode. When you enable this mode whether your mobile internet is off or on, your WA presence is always online.

The modded version of Whatsapp blue allows you to customize anything in your app. You can change your header and footer design. You can also change your Whatsapp style, themes, and fonts from your settings.

The Blue Whatsapp download 2022 is consistently getting great outcomes by further developing its point of interaction for each opportunity as they have a remarkable plan. It is free of cost without the annoyance of unwanted ads and popups.

In 2023 WhatsApp is a very famous application for texting and calling people and almost everyone is now using WhatsApp. But in 2023 people are also using many WhatsApp alternatives like AGWhatsApp which provides better interface. In this article we will discuss the user experience of professional features of AGWhatsApp APK and give you detailed information on WhatsApp APK, its features and how you can download and install it on your phone devices.

Fitur ini sangat keren dan cocok untuk para pembisnis online loh, sebab pada saat offline bisa diatur agar otomatis mengirim pesan kepada customer, sangat menarik yah! ini merupakan sfitur terbaru dari blue whatsapp.

Jika pengguna menyukai tampilan whatsapp versi iOs namun menggunakan handphone android maka solusinya bisa menggunakan blue whatsapp loh. Selain itu juga whatsapp modifikasi yang tampilannya bisa iOs adalah whatsapp iOs, MB whatsapp, dan masih banyak yang lainnya.

Fitur premium pun bisa digunakan secara gratis, tanpa membayar sepeserpun. Sangat menarik yah! Wajar saja jika banyak yang mengincar aplikasi ini sebab banyak sekali keuntungan menggunakan aplikasi blue whatsapp ini.

Walaupun ini merupakan aplikasi modifikasi tentu saja akan sangat aman dan nyaman digunakan, pengguna tidak perlu khawatir akun akan terbanned. Ini merupakan salah satu fitur keren yang dimiliki blue whatsapp


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