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Amazing Bike Rider Images in HD: Download and Use for Free

Bike Smart: The Official Guide to Cycling in New York City is a helpful handbook with information on making your cycling trip safer and easier, including tips on using newer bike facilities such as protected lanes and bike boxes, and basic tips for locking your bicycle. NYC DOT distributes up to 325,000 copies per year of the New York City Bike Map, which contains the most important rules of the road highlighted in the Bike Smart Guide.

With Love to Ride, you can track your bike miles, see your carbon savings, set goals, and find help and support to ride more often. Download our new iOS app (Android coming soon) to make your ride tracking a breeze.

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Then, a unique chain of events introduced me to shooting mountain biking for the first time with Rachel Strait and Heather Munive. I've always used photography as a way to capture nature and character, and I realized I could do both when shooting mountain bikes.

In this video, I meet up with one of my good friends and favorite riders, Eliot Jackson, to shoot photos on his home turf. Eliot is an incredible honor to shoot with and always has an amazing eye for things. As a mountain bike photographer, using an E-bike is the dream and an absolute privilege to have access to this type of bike.

Shooting mountain bikes has allowed me to see the world in ways I never thought I would, opened me up to some of the strongest relationships I've ever had, and made me a stronger person, both physically and mentally.

Explore the estate via more than 20 miles of biking trails, access to which is free for all guests*! Choose from our well-marked, single-track woodland dirt trails for a challenging ride, or our flat, paved trail along the French Broad River for a more leisurely ride. Bring your own bike or rent one from us.

Accompanied by a support vehicle to provide safety, drinks, and snacks as needed, this bike ride is at a leisurely pace with occasional stops. While suitable for riders with basic bike handling skills, it is best enjoyed by riders with at least a moderate level of overall fitness.

RideKC Bike is rolling out a new transportation option in Kansas City, Missouri and North Kansas City: electric-assist bike share! Together with BikeWalkKC and Drop Mobility, RideKC Bike Electric-Assist offers riders a boost up hills and quick trips when your own two feet just can't move fast enough.

Want to see different parts of town while enjoying Portland's great bikeway network? These suggested ride maps include the round-trip mileage, a description of the ride, and turn by turn arrows on the map to help you navigate. You can browse them online or download a PDF at the bottom of each route to print and bring with you.

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This 8-mile North Portland ride offers a little bit of everything. Discover Neighborhood Greenways of Albina and Arbor Lodge, the Bryant St bike and pedestrian bridge, enjoy views of the river from Willamette Blvd, and squeal with joy as you ride downhill on the new protected bike lanes on lower Greeley.

There are plenty of free motorbike games to play here. Many feature adrenaline-filled motorbike races in 3D, like Super Bike The Champion and Fury Bike Rider. You can also dodge traffic in the dangerously thrilling Moto Road Rash 3D!

Most bike games feature motorbikes and often involve competing in races or skillfully maneuvering obstacle courses. There are popular bike games in 3D and 2D, with plenty of multiplayer options for online and local races.

Metro and Sound Transit have racks, lockers or cages at most transit centers, park & rides and rail stations. If you don't need to take your bike along, park it where you catch your bus or train. Bike lockers are secure and weather-protected for your bike (or scooter) and related gear.

You can store a standard adult bike and some gear like a helmet, bike tools, bike clothing and shoes. Lockers have no floors, so your other items will rest on the ground unless you hang them from your bike.

Bike lockers are provided only for transit customers to store their bike (or scooter) and gear when connecting to transit. It is a violation of your agreement to use the locker in place of home or work storage.

Bike lockers have value as separate secure spaces for each bike and the on-demand lockers are set at a very inexpensive pay-as-you go price of 5 per hour without commitment. This system gives users flexibility and encourages turn-over to increase availability.

Two final notes: in addition to viewing and downloading standard prints, the photo package also allows you to order a large variety of products from the website when you return home. Lastly, there is an app available for iPhone and Android that will allow you to view and share your photos using your mobile phone. (Keep in mind that full use of the app requires that you already have your My Universal Photos card online account set up, which you need to do directly on their website.)

Bike, walk, and ride at the base of the Tetons on the Grand Teton Pathway. Explore the park at your own speed while experienceing the grandeur of the Tetons. Travel through the vast sagebrush steppe and feel the exhilaration of the elements.The pathway extends from the town of Jackson, north to Antelope Flats Road. At Moose Junction the pathway follows the Teton Park Road to Jenny Lake. There are six hubs along the route with parking and bike racks at Gros Ventre Roundabout, Blacktail Butte, Dornans, Moose, Taggart Lake, and Jenny Lake.

Biking is allowed on all paved roads in Grand Teton as well as the Two Ocean Lake Road and Grassy Lake Road (both gravel). The Teton Park Road is closed to vehicles between the Taggart Lake Trailhead and Signal Mountain from November 1-May 1. This section is open to biking when the road is clear of snow but is not plowed during the winter months. The road re-opens to bikes usually by April 1.Some roads in the park have only a very narrow shoulder, or lack one altogether. Extreme caution must be used. Ride with the direction of traffic, in a single file line. Be alert for vehicles, wildlife, and other cyclists. See the map below for suggested routes. Be sure to follow park guidelines when biking in the park.Biking is not allowed on hiking trails in Grand Teton. For mountain biking opportunities, travel into the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Ask for information about area trails at a bike shop.

Minnesota Safe Routes to School (MNSRTS) is supporting Bike to School Day efforts by providing event toolkits (while supplies last) to those that register their event early at

For Bike to Anywhere Day, choose a destination and bike there solo or with members of your household. Right now would be a great time to find a route to a destination you visit frequently (like school) and practice riding there. Sometimes you have to try different routes to find the most comfortable and safe ride, so pick a new destination each week and when those businesses or places open up you will know exactly how to bike there. Be sure to maintain six feet of distance from people who are outside your household and practice other basic safety precautions like stopping at stop signs, signaling turns and wearing a helmet. If you are willing to share a photo, email it to us or post it on our Facebook page using the hashtag #MNBikeDay.

As you bike around your neighborhood over the next month, how many of these boxes can you check off? See if you can get five in a row or fill out the whole card! Post your photos and results to our Facebook page.

We want to make your Bike to School day as fun and easy as possible! The nationally celebrated event encourages kids to bike to school and shows families just how wonderful it is to get to school by bike or foot. Join us by encouraging events at your school or simply trying it with your family.

For some apps \u2013 Google Maps, for instance \u2013 you need to have your device on the handlebar to take full advantage. For others, such as Strava, you can just hit start, put your phone in your jersey pocket or in a bike phone mount\u00a0and go.\nWhat\u2019s more, with Bluetooth accessories such as heart-rate monitors, speed sensors and power meters becoming more common, you can get your smartphone\u2019s Bluetooth connection and processor to do the work that used to require a separate computer and, not so long ago, wires.\nSome of the apps featured here are free, some are not, and some are free up front with an option to buy or subscribe for more bells and whistles. The best indoor training apps cost just over \u00a312 a month and the best smart trainers\u00a0will get the most out of your subscription.\nFair warning: any GPS cycling app will tax your phone\u2019s battery, so these are generally better suited to shorter rides unless you\u2019re able to charge on the go. The best bike computers will last much longer.\nAnd remember, these are our recommendations, so make sure to add your own in the comments.\nThe best cycling apps in 2023\nTo make the list more digestible, we\u2019ve grouped our favourite cycling apps into ride recording, navigation and route planning, fitness, mountain biking and miscellaneous categories.\nUse the links below to jump to the section you need:\nBest cycling apps for tracking your rides\nBest cycling apps for routes and navigation\nBest cycling apps for fitness\nBest cycling apps for indoor training\nBest apps for mountain biking\nBest miscellaneous apps for cyclists\nBest cycling apps for tracking your rides\nThe best cycling apps for tracking will record your ride and show your speed, distance, route and other metrics, such as elevation.\nThese are probably the most popular cycling apps out there, with Strava leading the field (and offering a host of other features, including segments, leaderboards and route planning).\nStrava\n\n Strava\u2019s ace in the hole is its social component. Many riders use a GPS computer for recording and uploading rides to Strava \u2013 and then use the app for checking out what their friends are up to. Strava\nWhile you can use Strava like a cycle computer on your phone, most riders use a separate GPS computer to record and upload their rides and then use the app to see what their friends are up to.\nAll rides uploaded to Strava deliver automatic rankings of your times over popular stretches of road and trail \u2013 known as \u2018segments\u2019 in Strava-speak \u2013 along with a GPS map of where you rode.\nThe real-time feature, which tells you how fast you are tracking on a selected segment, such as the local hard climb, works on smartphones but also newer Garmin Edge and Wahoo computers, too.\nStrava\u2019s special sauce, which separates it from its competitors, is the slick social component. Much like Facebook, you can follow friends and see where and how hard they\u2019re riding, leave comments and give kudos on their rides, as well as post photos of your own rides.\nStrava pivoted heavily towards a subscriber model in 2020, putting formerly free features such as segment leaderboards and route planning behind a paywall.\nCycling-related \u2018Points of Interest\u2018, such as cafes and bike shops, show up in Strava\u2019s base map in its app and browser.\nPrice: Free (premium version also available \u2014 \u00a36.99 monthly \/ \u00a347.99 annually)\nDownload: Strava for iOS\u00a0or\u00a0Strava for Android\nBikeRadar is on Strava: Join the BikeRadar\u00a0Strava club\nMapMyRide\n\n\n MapMyRide does exactly what it says. Map My Ride\n\nMapMyRide is similar to CycleMeter, but benefits from the parent company\u2019s online history with route-mapping software.\nThe app is well-equipped for tracking not only rides but nutrition, weight and more, and can also get you to your destination.\nThe premium version includes training plans, more advanced routing options and live tracking that can be shared with family and friends. The premium version also ditches the advertisements you\u2019re stuck with on the free app.\nPrice: Free (premium version also available \u2014 $5.99 monthly \/ $29.99 yearly)\nDownload: MapMyRide for iOS\u00a0or MapMyRide for Android\nBest cycling apps for route planning and navigation\nCycling apps for route planning and navigation will help you discover more roads and places to ride.\nThe best cycling apps aimed at route planning will allow you to plan your own rides as well as discover routes from other riders.\nSome apps will do the heavy lifting and plan a route for you if you enter a destination, which is ideal for on-the-go adventures or cycling around town.\nBikemap\n\n Bikemap is a route-planning and navigation app. Bikemap\nBikemap is an iPhone and Android app that offers route planning, navigation, real-time updates and plenty more.\nIn our experience, it\u2019s a good alternative to Strava or Komoot for route planning and offers more for free, though both Strava and Komoot also have their own unique features.\nThe app\u2019s real-time updates allow you to alert other Bikemap users to problems encountered during a ride. It\u2019s not something we\u2019ve found much use for, but might be more appealing to cyclists riding regularly in an urban environment.\nOther features include an archive of more than seven million user-generated routes, route collections and in-app ride stats.\nMost of Bikemap\u2019s features are free to use, but there\u2019s also a Bikemap Premium service, which opens up additional mapping options, including cycling-friendly map layers and 3D views of your planned routes, as well as offline navigation.\nPrice: Free (Premium version also available \u2013 \u00a39 \/ \u20ac9 \/ $12 \/ AU$14.99 \/ monthly \u00a335 \/ \u20ac39 \/ $49 \/ AU$59.99\/ annually \/ \u00a389 \/ \u20ac99 \/ $99 \/ AU$179.99 one-off payment for lifetime access)\nDownload: Bikemap for iOS or Bikemap for Android\nGoogle Maps\n\n While you wouldn\u2019t want to use it for a long ride, Google Maps\u2019 combination of Google Search and touchscreen, bike-specific navigation is generally pretty good. Google\nApple has done some amazing things in the world of tech, but it can\u2019t beat Google at mapping.\nJust like you use your phone on the fly to find places, read a few reviews and then go to the one you select, you can use Google Maps to do this too \u2013 and get there on bike paths and bike-friendly routes.\nLike any app, it\u2019s not foolproof, but in its category it\u2019s among the best there is. The audio turn-by-turn instructions are nice when riding, too; for riders who choose to ride with headphones, you can have your phone in your pocket and easily get where you need to be.\nPrice: Free\nDownload: Google Maps for iOS\u00a0or Google Maps for Android\nKomoot\n\n The Komoot app offers lots of information about your route.\nWhile Google Maps is arguably the gold standard for dealing with navigation in general, it can sometimes come up a bit short for bike directions.\nKomoot uses the open-source OpenStreetMap database and allows you to plan road, mountain bike and gravel rides as well as commutes. The big difference over Google Maps is in the routing, where Komoot tries to choose the most efficient route, taking into account how bike-friendly a road or path is, as well as your fitness.\nUsing a start and end point, Komoot will tell you the difficulty, fitness required, what road surfaces you\u2019ll come across and an elevation profile to boot.\nOnce you\u2019ve started your route, it will give you speed, distance travelled, distance remaining and allows for easy on-the-fly route changes. You can also check out other route recommendations in your local area.\nKomoot also features curated highlights, as suggested by local riders and Komoot ambassadors. These can be a great way to discover unknown gems in your local area.\nA premium subscription unlocks additional features, such as a multi-day planner and live tracking.\nWant to know more? We\u2019ve got a complete guide to Komoot.\nPrice: First map region free, subsequent map regions \u00a33.99 \/ \u20ac3.99 \/ $3.99 (Premium \u2014 \u00a359.99 \/ \u20ac59.99 \/ $59.99 annually)\nDownload: Komoot for iOS or Komoot for Android\nRide with GPS\n\n Ride with GPS allows you to plan and navigate rides directly from your smartphone. Ride with GPS\nRide with GPS can plan routes in great detail, navigate and record your ride.\nIt\u2019s got a user-friendly interface that allows you to start recording with a single tap, and can even be used to navigate offline, which makes it extremely useful out in the sticks or on long rides, where preserving battery power is important.\nThe route data provided is particularly helpful, with detailed elevation profiles that you can zoom in and out of, and see exactly where on the route the biggest climbs will be.\nWant to share your rides in real time? The app lets you do just that, and it will even read comments aloud as you pedal. Not a bad thing to have when you need that last motivational push.\nThe free version allows you to create routes and record your rides, as well as set yourself goals. There\u2019s a Basic subscription that gives you access to mobile app features such as turn-by-turn navigation, live logging and offline mapping. You can also publish ride reports.\nThe Premium version gives you all of this, plus advanced route editing, custom cue sheets, stationary bike support and private segments.\nPrice: Free \/ Basic \u00a36 \/\u20ac6 \/ $6 monthly \/ \u00a350 \/ \u20ac50 \/ $50 yearly \/ Premium \u00a310 \/ \u20ac10 \/ $10 monthly \/ \u00a380 \/ \u20ac80 \/ $80 yearly\nDownload: Ride with GPS for iOS or Ride with GPS for Android\nOS Maps\n\n A whole pile of m


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