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One body with many members

Okay, I have a bit to get off my chest for my fellow Christians...

It is not a wholesale truth that so-called "men of god" are to blame for restricting so-called "lay church members" from going out and sharing their faith or operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit or praying for the sick or such. It seems that we tend to always look for someone else to point a finger on, but the bible is clear that we are to "work out our own salvation with fear and trembling". The instructions in the bible are clear and openly available for all Christians.

Perhaps, the only thing I can see that so-called "men of god" have coveted for themselves is the stage and the fame. And quite frankly nobody needs a stage or fame to do the works of Jesus. Share the gospel with that friend or colleague, pray for a neighbour who is unwell or that difficult situation of a close relative (and sometimes you might have to pray long and be committed). Share what you have with the needy people in your local area and you will be doing just as fine. No need for a fuss. No need for much fan-fare (Not to say that there is anything wrong with fuss and fan-fare).

What I am saying is that first, we separated between "men of God" and "lay Christians". Now it seems, that we are separating between "real disciples who go out on the field to preach and heal" from "other not-so-effective Christians" who don't do the same.

Can we just stop already?!!

Can we just love one another as Christ loves us, each one doing the best they can to follow and grow in the Lord and to edify the church? Understanding that there can be babes in Christ as well as mature Christians? That we are not all gifted in the same way? That some people will be more prominent in ministry than the others? Could we all humbly keep in mind how Jesus said: "So the last will be first, and the first will be last."?

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