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Every 11am on Saturdays from 29th July 2023 - 28th July2024
1st Prize: N8,000 / 2nd Prize: N4,000 / 3rd Prize: N3000
Power, Love, and a Sound Mind (PLSM) organizes Bible quizzes to bring the masses closer to God through reading the Bible. As a Faith based charity organization, we do not just care for the physical needs of the masses; but their spiritual growth. With this goal in mind, we are really glad to organize Bible quizzes on a weekly and monthly bases.



Our fun and interactive bible quiz will be aired live every Saturday by 11:00 am for 1 full year. On a weekly basis, any one with a phone device that can connect to the internet can join in on an opportunity to win some shopping money. You can participate as many times as you like:
Weekly 1st Prize : N8,000 (Eight thousand naira)
Weekly 2nd Prize: N4,000  (Four thousand naira)
Weekly 3rd Prize: N3,000   (Three thousand naira)
All you need is to be tuned in live, have some bible knowledge and a quick finger! Pleas go through the Frequently Asked Questions below to fully understand the rules.

This will enable us identify and pay winners instantly.

About The Quiz
Frequently Asked Questions

Bible study plan


When will the quiz hold?

The quiz will hold 11am every Saturday for one year starting from 29th July 2023 and ending on 28th July 2024.


How can I participate in the quiz?

You need to have a Facebook or YouTube account to participate (preferably Facebook). Tune in to our live programme on our Facebook page and YouTube channel and join the quiz by typing your answers in the comment section. The bible quiz is conducted entirely online during our broadcast. We share the word of God, then hold the quiz. We also give out a few random bonus cash gifts once in a while.

Are there any particular eligibility criteria for winning the cash prizes?

Yes. ​Please follow our Facebook page OR Subscribe to our YouTube channel – we have many faithful followers on our Facebook page participating. It will be unfair to ignore them and pay prizes to non-followers. Also you must answer the multiple choice questions in the correct format. Your answer must be typed in full to include the option number and the wording of the answer. E.g if the question is "What is the color of blood? Is it 1. Red 2. Blue 3. Green 4. White " Then you MUST type the answer in the comment section as "1. Red". If you win but did not answer ALL questions in this format, your name will appear on the leader board but you will not be eligible to be paid any cash and the prize will go to the next eligible winner on the leader board..

How do I get paid?

If you win on the day, you will need to send us a direct message to the host on the Facebook page @claireugoudanoh immediately from the face book account from which you played the game. The message should contain your bank details for payment. Payments are made within 24hrs from when prizes are announced. If you have difficulties sending direct messages please contact us via email or contact page on this website within the same 24hrs so we can assist, however, this may mean your payment may be delayed by up to 7 days. We do our best to ensure every one gets paid as soon as possible.

However, please note that any payment request randomly made under any public post on our Facebook page or YouTube channel will be automatically disqualified. Please follow the guideline.

What is the address of the Facebook page?

Follow Claire Ugo Udanoh at to participate.

What is the address of the YouTube channel?

Tune in to Claire Ugo Udanoh YouTube channel to participate select the appropriate video.

Is there an age limit for the Bible quiz competition?

The Bible quiz competition has no age limit.


I am not a Christian; can I still participate?

Yes, you can. Anyone can read the Bible. You are allowed to take the Bible quiz irrespective of your religion


Can I still participate if I do not have an account number?

You should normally have an account number but participants that are aged 17 years and below are allowed to participate without a bank account number. We need the consent of their parent or guardian to pay them.


I do not have a Facebook or Gmail account. Can I still participate?

Unfortunately No, you need a Facebook account OR Gmail account (for participating on YouTube).

Please note that you can only play with one account throughout the 52 weeks of the Bible quiz.  

How will I know what Bible passages to read?

Please click down load the Bible quiz study plan here, it is 1 chapter of the new testament per week day (excluding weekends). We will also post it on our Facebook page.


How many times can I participate?

You can participate as many times as you like but you can only win a maximum of N8,000 a month and N16,000 in 3 months. Also, if you win a cash prize in one week you have to skip one week in which you fully participated (appeared on the leader board in the first 45 places) in a quiz before you can win another prize. 

Are there any other terms and conditions?

The rules above are generally all that there is to the game, over the course of the game more rules may be announced if necessary, if we have not covered anything here or elsewhere then the quiz host / sponsor  has the discretion to make a decision and her decision if final. By participating in the game you accept this and all the above listed rules highlighted in this FAQ.

Example: Week 1 study plan runs from Monday, 29th May - Saturday , 3rd June for the quiz that will run 11am Saturday 3rd  June and so on.

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